Special Worship Service Guest Kenny Evans

Kenny Evans - 11/2/2021

Music has always been a part of Kenny’s life.

After playing and singing in the country music forum throughout the 90’s, in 1998 Kenny Evans, being drawn by the Holy Spirit surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus and became a born-again Christian.

Tragedy struck in August of 1999 as Kenny and his band was almost killed by a drunk driver while on tour in South Dakota. This head-on collision left Kenny with a lacerated liver and internal injuries that nearly took his life. It took several months to recover from the accident.

In the spring of 2000, Kenny left the country music industry to serve the Lord. Kenny Evans graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served on the pastoral staff at churches in east Tennessee and south Florida.

After spending several years as a Student Pastor and Associate Pastor, Kenny became an Evangelist in 2004. He now travels the country singing and speaking in over 150 churches and conferences each year.

Since 2005, Kenny has traveled the nation as an evangelist singing and speaking in more than 100 Christian events each year. In addition to his touring schedule, Kenny is also a studio musician and vocalist.

Find out more about the ministry of Kenny Evans by going to kennyevans.org.

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