Resurrection Garden on the grounds of Berea Bible Church has a replica of the Jerusalem tomb you see in the picture above, as well as a small walking park, lake, and a baseball diamond. Click HERE for more information.

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1. Pastor Brian Miller delivered a sermon as part of an ongoing series at Berea Bible Church, Springfield, OH, with a focus on the Book of Acts, specifically the second chapter, which discusses the formation of the early Christian church.

2. Pastor Miller emphasized four key elements in the life of the early church: the centrality of the Word (Scripture), the fellowship of believers (Koinonia), regular communion to commemorate Christ's sacrifice, and the reliance on prayer for guidance and spiritual strength.

3. Pastor Miller illustrated how the early church exhibited unity of faith and fellowship, a spirit of service, and a commitment to spreading the Gospel, all of which were instrumental in its growth and societal influence.

4. He identified four potential dilemmas or imbalances in modern churches: an indistinct purpose, inconsistent commitment, a tension between inaction and involvement, and a possible over-reliance on technology and material assets instead of core spiritual practices.

5. The sermon concluded with a heartfelt prayer and a call to action from Pastor Miller, encouraging his listeners at Berea Bible Church to strive to emulate the practices and dedication of the early church, to deepen their spiritual lives, and to serve as faithful stewards of the teachings of Christ.

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