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April 14, 2022 - Deuteronomy 11-13

It is almost every parent's dream to have their children grow up and be obedient and lead lives that are useful and productive. From a very young age, children are trained and educated to grow to maturity with values, standards, and ethics gleaned from their families and culture.

The nation of Israel was to live by the standard of the Ten Commandments God had given them. God reiterates instructions to Moses which he was to teach and implement to this new generation. The first and foremost command was to love the Lord always. God in His power and majesty would not tolerate His children failing to recognize and acknowledge Him.

The people were to continually train their children about the power and presence of God in their daily lives. God sent annual rains, grass for the cattle, fruit from the trees and safety from enemies throughout the years of their lives. The adults were to always teach of God's daily activities to their children whether lying down, sitting or walking (11:14-15,19).

The place of worship was to be carefully observed. The Lord would select a place where the people of Israel could gather to worship Him once they were established in the land. The people of Israel were not to worship where the nations before them had offered sacrifices to idols and pagan gods. The mountain top centers and places of sacrifices were to be destroyed and a central place of worship established. A blessing or a curse was pronounced to the people of Israel based upon their obedience to the Lord's teachings.

Proper training within the family combined with careful worship allowed the people of God to maintain a close and intimate relationship with the Lord. It also ensured a barrier was established which would identify and remove false teachings or worship of idolatry which continually plagued the nation.

Christian families and a godly body of believers still constitute a good hedge to protect and instruct our young people today! When parents instill the same biblical principles and doctrinal instructions as the church, young people are better able to endure the temptations that arise from the culture and external education. Take time to read, pray, and discuss issues with family from a biblical perspective and if you are unsure of the answer, ask your Pastor, Elder, Deacon, or Sunday School teacher for assistance.

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