Daily Hope

March 30, 2022 - Numbers 21-22

How quickly we can forget the blessings that come into our lives! I am amused when I watch our grandchildren open presents and become so excited over the new present, just to toss it aside to open another. What caused such joy a moment ago is forgotten in the excitement of a new, unopened present.

The nation of Israel had similar tendencies as they traveled from Egypt toward the Promised land. They received multiple blessings each day; God's presence, the continual provision of manna, and the guidance provided by Moses' face to face dialogue with God. These should have caused Israel to rejoice and be continually in awe of being chosen by the God of the universe.

God had provided victories over Israel's enemies, directed their route, and provided all they needed to survive in this journey, yet they were dissatisfied and unthankful toward Moses and God (21:4-5). In response, God again disciplined and fiery serpents were sent to inflict judgment upon the ungrateful nation.

Like a loving parent, God provided, and the nation was encouraged by victories over the enemies they encountered. With victories over Arad, Sihon, and Og, God prepared His people to be victorious in the land they had been promised to receive. If the people of God had been observant, they would clearly have seen God's providential care.

We, as the readers of this book, get to see some of the ways God worked behind the scenes to influence potential adversaries of the nation of Israel. Balak, king of Moab seeks to hire Balaam, a prophet of God, to curse the people of Israel. Instead of cursing, God directs him to bless the Israelites instead.

Governments, as well as man, at times desire to inflict misery and pain upon the people of God. Yet, God is in control and will not allow all the destructive forces that an ungodly society may wish to unleash. In recognizing God's goodness and protection upon His people, may we also thank Him for the daily unseen and hidden provisions of His care upon our lives and ministries.

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