Daily Hope

March 28, 2022 - Numbers 16-17

No matter what business, organization, or ministry, leadership is essential. Leadership can take a small work and turn it into an international business, or an international business can become obsolete, all as a result of management decisions. Often the key to ascension or decline is organizational relationships.

Moses and Aaron had been selected by God to be the leaders of Israel. They were then told to select others who would assist them and together they would lead the people of God. The tribe of Levi was selected to be the priests and the workers of the tabernacle. Each clan was given specific duties and responsibilities by God as instructed through Moses.

Korah, a Levite of the clan of Kohath, was responsible for the most sacred elements of the tabernacle (Numbers 4). He apparently was grieved that Moses and Aaron had too much authority over the nation of Israel. His position and ability to communicate his grievances led him to become the leader of a group of princes which numbered 250 strong.

This group rejected Moses and Aaron as the primary leaders of Israel and insisted a more democratic form of government be implemented. The problem with this assumption, it was God Himself who ordained and placed each of the leaders in their positions of authority. Korah was not challenging Moses but God Himself by seeking to ascend to a position that God had not appointed him to serve.

God rejects false leadership. Whether leadership is man appointed or self-appointed, it will not receive God's blessings. Korah was talented and gifted, yet he was severely punished by attempting to go beyond his appointed position of leadership.
God reiterated his calling of Moses and Aaron, ensuring to the people of Israel His choice of leaders and their roles. The budding of Aaron's rod and the subsequent submission on the part of the other priests and leaders allowed the nation to continue their journey.

Instances of personal ambition and the desire for greater authority will challenge every company, church, or family at different times. Submission and understanding of authority will allow godly leaders to meet these challenges and respond in a Christ like manner. Pray for and support your leaders as they seek to train and develop new leaders for the roles God has for them in the days ahead.

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