Daily Hope

April 15, 2022 - Deuteronomy 14-16

Families often have special meals and occasions they uniquely celebrate together. In our family we would celebrate birthdays by having the individual select the meal of their choice for that day. Other special occasions were holidays and events that took place within our family circle that highlighted a major achievement. Being a member of a family holds many significant opportunities to mold and create unity.

As Israel prepared for the entrance into their promised land, God helped them to become children fit for their new home. He asked them to eat the right food and to avoid items that would not promote their strength and health. Like a good parent, God desired for the people of Israel to consistently be an example before foreign nations.

God gave particular instructions for the care of slaves and foreigners. They were to be generous and compassionate in memory of how they had been treated while foreigners and slaves in Egypt. The Lord had shown mercy and fairness in judgment throughout their wanderings. He desired the people of Israel to show the same mercy when administering justice.

Believers are to enjoy a similar reality as we work to imitate and respond to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Charles Shelton wrote a book which asked the question "what would Jesus do?" May that be the question on our hearts as we interact with people inside and outside our immediate family, especially during this Easter weekend.

Have a Blessed Easter celebrating our risen Savior!

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