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March 22, 2022 - Numbers 7

In our staff meetings, we have been learning some leadership principles. Several have been given that are short and yet speak clearly to leadership. "Leaders eat last" and "Everything speaks" are two we have learned. The point is, as leaders, we are to be aware of our actions and attitudes.

In this chapter, another leadership principle can be drawn from the verses. The principle could easily be "repetition benefits learning". This chapter is the second longest chapter in the Bible. Its length is due to the repetitive description of how each leader of the 12 tribes presented their offerings over a 12-day period.

It begins with the leaders bringing their gifts in six covered carts, pulled by two oxen. Two leaders filled each cart with offerings. Each leader supplied an ox to pull the carts. This implies unity and teamwork and yet individuality and sacrifice. The Lord instructed Moses to accept the oxen and carts from the leaders to transport the tabernacle (v.5).

Each leader daily presented their offering to the Lord which consisted of one silver platter, one silver bowl, and one gold pan. The silver weighed 60 pounds and the gold weighed 3 pounds. The silver dishes were filled with grain offerings and the gold pan with incense. Along with this, was 1 young bull, 1 ram, 1 male lamb (1 year old) as a burnt offering and 1 kid of the goats for the sin offering. For the sacrifice of peace offerings, 2 oxen, 5 rams, 5 male goats, and 5 male lambs less than a year old were given.

Each day for 12 days, this exact offering was brought by a leader of Israel and presented to the Lord at the tabernacle. The same offering was given with great precision, demonstrating equality as peers before the Lord. This repetition presented such a picture of cohesion that the people could not miss recognizing the unity of the leaders.

Leadership in the church is shown by many people doing distinct and separate roles. It is vital that we remember that our offerings are the same. We are offering our time, talents and financial gifts before the altar of the Lord. As we give to Him, may that repetition be seen and be an effective teaching tool for our children and new believers as they observe our actions!

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