Daily Hope

March 21, 2022 - Numbers 5-6

Many people in our country appear to be desiring a culture and lifestyle that promotes mediocrity. Instead of a strong legal system and clear limits declaring right and wrong, there is a movement to blur traditional standards so that each person has the right to determine their own moral values.
Moses and the children of Israel had very clear commands from the Lord of acceptable and unacceptable actions and lifestyles. Anyone who did not meet the established standards were to be placed outside the camp and declared as unclean until restitution and purification was accomplished. This was done because the holiness of the Lord was present in the camp and everyone around the tabernacle was to be cleansed and purified.
It was also true in the interpersonal relationships of the nation. The husband and wife were to have a relationship of trust and fidelity. To determine the purity of the home, the Lord had established a test for the faithfulness of a wife. One truth that was evident through this chapter is the Lord was cognizant of both public and hidden sins which He made clear would hinder the nation's relationship with Him. Purity of the people were of primary concern to the Lord!
Making purity even more personal, the Lord now devotes a chapter to individuals making a special vow of separation to the Lord. Often referred to as Nazarite vow, any man or woman could consecrate themselves for a designated time to the Lord. This time was to be marked by the individual refraining from certain things and devoting themselves to the Lord. They were to abstain from the grapevine, cutting of hair, and refrain from being near the dead (even family members). At the conclusion of the vow, the individual was to bring a series of offerings to the priest, shave his hair, and be restored to normal activities.
Purity and correct interaction between the people of God, proved vital for the Lord's presence to remain in the camp. Purity continues to be important for the church to have the testimony of God's abiding presence and power in today's culture. May we be sensitive to the words we speak and the actions we do so people can see Christ in our midst. May Moses' benediction be ours as well, "The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace" Number 6: 24-26).

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