Daily Hope

March 18, 2022 - Numbers 3-4

One of the greatest tasks in coaching and leading people is to get them to believe and accept challenges before seeing results. The many hours of obedient preparation are necessary before achievements and victories occur. Obedience is a fundamental element to success in sports, business, and spiritual development.
Moses was an obedient child of God. Here, the Lord calls Moses to bring the tribe of Levi to Him and to consecrate them for service in place of the first born of each Israelite family. Every firstborn had been dedicated to the Lord at the time of the Passover (Exodus 13:1), and the tribe of Levi was instructed to replace them (Number 3:40). In obedience to the Lord's direction, the Levites assembled, numbered, and were assigned duties around the tabernacle.
Obedience is a central quality in the service to the Lord, illustrated in 3:4, as two of Aaron's sons are killed for disobeying the Lord when they offered profane fire. Aaron's other two sons continued to faithfully minister to the Lord in the tabernacle.
Each clan was given specific duties, beginning with the clan Moses and Aaron were from, the Kohathites. This clan was given the responsibilities of caring for the objects in the holy place. Aaron and his sons (the priests) were responsible for covering these articles and then the Kohathites would transport them without touching or looking at the holy pieces of furniture.
The next clan mentioned was the Gershonites. Their responsibilities included the tent, coverings, screen, hangings, doorway, and cords. These articles of the tabernacle were associated with the curtains which enclosed the meeting place. Finally, the clan of Merarites took care of the frames, posts, bars, pillars, sockets, and cords.
Obedience was demanded as the priests and clans were assigned and given duties. Each man in the clan was assigned a task and was responsible to complete their task (4:19, 27, 32). The Levites were to understand that each action by each man was important to the whole tribe and ultimately the nation.
Moses listened and obeyed the Lord, Aaron listened and obeyed Moses, and then the clans of Levi all listened and dutifully did their tasks. Obedience was essential for the continual presence and manifestation of the Lord. We are still called to be obedient and submit to those who are over us. Hebrews states, "Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls..." (13:7). Pray for those who are in authority over us - in our nation, churches, and homes!

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