Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study

This men's Bible study topic is a multi-week's study by Irving L. Jensen entitled, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus - A Self-Study Guide.

The book of 1 Timothy and Titus provide specific instruction on the qualifications and responsibilities of church leaders, including pastors. These qualifications include being above reproach, having a good reputation, being self-controlled, and being able to teach. In these books, the role of women in the church is also addressed, with instructions for them to be submissive and not to have authority over men. The book of 2 Timothy is an intensely personal letter from Paul to Timothy, in which he encourages him to continue in his faith and fight against ungodliness. Overall, the Bible provides guidance on the qualifications and responsibilities of church leaders and the roles of different members of the assembly.

The Jensen Bible Self-Study Guide series is a set of books that provide historical context, background information, and other resources to help readers understand and study the Bible. The series includes 39 books, each of which provides an opportunity for analysis, response, and further study through a response-oriented format. These books are designed for both personal and group use, and aims to provide readers with a comprehensive reference tool that can be used to deepen their understanding of God's Word.

The cost is $6 for the book. You can pay during registration, or when you pick up your book.

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